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Bali Island – The Prime Tourists Destination in Indonesia

Bali Island
The beautiful sceneries and the unique culture are the two things those are really loved by a lot of people regarding Bali. This island is a province in Indonesia and has become the major tourism destination that is loved and visited by a lot of people. The beauty and uniqueness are two attractive things and the people in Bali are also very welcome to the travelers from various places. Travelers will be able to explore every inch of the island and enjoy their time while also learning the unique culture of Bali. With friendly locals and nice atmosphere on the island, Bali is surely a comfortable place to stay for a while.

History and Culture of Bali
Ngaben (Traditional Culture)
The history of Bali has started for a long time ago all the way through the Paleolithic age. Bali Island has been through the stages of history from the earlier kingdoms to the colonial age until now. The history of people in Bali started from when Kutai kingdom was the ruler of the island. The history rolled and finally met the time of Balinese people finally met the Dutch colonial government. This marked a new era because Bali started to be known as a peaceful island.
Kecak Dance

The culture of Bali is very much influenced with the culture of India and Chinese. Bali culture is particularly influenced by the Hindu culture. Most people in Bali are Hindu and a very little amount of them are holding faith to other religions mostly is Muslims. The culture of Bali can still be felt very strong in Bali. The people of Bali certainly know how to preserve their unique culture and eventually become the precious treasure even in the modern time. Certainly the modern lifestyle is also influencing Bali but the influence is not enough to make Balinese people forget their culture.

Interesting Sides of Bali
Kuta Beach Bali
Bali has various places those are interesting to be visited. During the particular time, there will be festivals those can be watched by the visitors of Bali. There will be a lot of activities can be done by visitors as well from just loitering around the beaches, surfing, diving to strolling and shopping in the traditional market or the center of handicrafts. Trying the traditional Bali foods will also be a great thing to be done especially during a special event like a festival. The delicious traditional taste of Bali will be something that will complete a trip.

Reaching Bali Island is not difficult because Bali has its own international airport, NgurahRai that is located roughly around 30 minutes from Denpasar the capital of Bali province. The island can also be reached by bus and ferries from the neighboring islands. Exploring the island will not be difficult with the help of car rental service and there are also public transportations like buses, taxis or bemos. Visitors can also rent the motorcycles those they can ride all alone for cheaper price than renting a car. Alone or with friends, travelling in Bali Island will always be a nice thing to be done.

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