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Pangandaran Beach – The Best Spot for Seeing Sunrise and Sunset at the Same Beach

Sunset at Pangandaran
Some people like to visit beaches to see the beautiful view and wave there. Indonesia is one of the most famous countries with beautiful beaches. There are lots of beaches that you can visit and one of best beaches that you can visit is Pantai Pangandaran. Pangandaran beach is located in Ciamis West Java, Indonesia. This beach is one of famous beach in Java according to AsiaRooms.

Pangandaran White Sand
Pangandaran is famous because of some things, such as :
First, we can see sunset in this beach.  Some people need to go to other beach to see sunrise and then come to the other beach again to see sunset. When you come to Pangandaran, you will be able to see sunrise and sunset without need to leave this beach.
Second, there is white sand.
Third, you should not feel fear because this beach is completed with hotels so you can stay for some days here.

For Further Information & Reservation:
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Jl. Moh. Hatta No.6 Palu
Telp. (0451) 454 888 / 486 886
Fax. (0451) 428 666

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